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Allafroboutique.com is a true online boutique founded in 2013 with one goal in mind to give customers what they want. We are working toward providing quality service and products at a reasonable prices and never forget that every customer is our friend and partner.

Since our presence online it has been amazing and painful journey as we are thriving in becoming specialists in African, Caribbean, American and European beauty products for today fashion conscious consumers.

Since day one, we have been able to attract customers from the different part of the globe, simply because many of our products are not easy to find as they come from the different parts of the globe and made from pure and naturals ingredients.

Our beauty products start with(Lotions, Creams, Soaps,Colognes, Cosmetics, Fashion items, Clippers, dryers, flat irons, curling irons, hair products, hair colour, wigs, human hair, nail products, barber products) and the list is endless as we add new products daily.

We are working very hard to provide quality personal service, in case there is a problem please let us know and give us sometimes to fix it.

Our office is based in Leeds but we only
trade online with the prospect of opening a physical Boutique one day soon.